Low-Cost Health Insurance Coverage Plans

A study was done by the CDC, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, that showed that 44,786 people suffered deaths because of a lack of health coverage. Factors that contributed to these deaths were a obesity, cigarette smoking, and excess drinking. These people more than likely never had a physical and never had a physician educate them and inform them when they were not taking care of their bodies. Low cost health insurance coverage is very easy to get but since the media is so blanketed with advertising from large scale corporations, it is incredibly difficult to find these companies.

An increasing number of Americans are becoming either underinsured or have no insurance and this is contributing to excess deaths in our country. A study put out by Harvard Medical School and Cambridge health alliance show that those who were under 65 had a 40% increase in death against those who were carrying health Coverage.

‘Excess deaths’ have been shown higher for males, who experienced a 37% rise in premature deaths due to poor health habits that would have been caught by a physician.

Low cost health insurance coverage is very easy to get but still many Americans remain uninsured. According to a professor at the University of Harvard, one American will die every 27 minutes due to a lack of health coverage. This is estimated to be a very conservative figure and this study was done in 2008.

In 2009, one American will die every 13 minutes due to a lack of health insurance. Your health is nothing to play with, especially low cost health insurance coverage is available.

Here is a free resource to find the Cheapest Health Insurance Company [http://CHEAPHEALTHINSURANCENOW.INFO] without having to compromise your coverage.

This is a free service dedicating to helping people save money. They only ask a couple of questions and they can give you a list of companies that do not advertise their cheap rates in less than 10 seconds.

List Building – Using Alliances

One often overlooked way to build a new customer list is by using alliances. So what is an alliance? Well it could be as simple as being friends with someone that is on a committee or who belongs to an organization. That friend might allow you to speak in front of their group (usually without pay) and you get to promote what you do.

Alliances work both ways. You should have something worthwhile to offer their clients or customers while they are allowing you access to their list.

Do you offer a coaching or consulting service? You might consider asking local business people to help promote you while you give your service to their customers. For example; If you run a coaching or consulting service in the health and wellness arena, why not go to your local health food store and offer free consults? Or help them organize an event around the types of service you offer.

A flower shop I worked with would go to restaurants and “sell” their flowers to them for the dining tables at a drastically reduced rate, they did little more than break even with the flowers themselves. But if the restaurant did not want to design the displays and place them on the tables themselves, the flower shop would offer the placement service to them at a slightly higher charge. They also designed the vases themselves to promote the flower shop along with an ongoing special for the restaurant customers.

In this scenario the restaurant owner not only got a more attractive table setting, they were able to offer a special price on flowers, exclusively for their customers. How could you adapt this to your business, So that you gain a wider audience and your alliance partner gets something to offer their customer base?

Any good business person knows how reciprocity works. If they give a free gift or sample to their clients, the client feels a need to reciprocate the favor, and will often make a bigger purchase than they would have otherwise, because they were given something for free.

So what type of “give away” item could you come up with that would be low cost to you and a benefit to your potential alliance partner? A free or discounted consultation, product or service? An online webinar? A sheet of tips or strategies? Even a down-loadable e-book or mp3. Just make sure whatever your offer is that is has value to the clients and customers of your alliance partner.